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New Luxus & OnlyOne colors for spring

new colors for spring! Babyblue/pink for the Luxus 20” and fuchsia for the OnlyOne 20”, [...]

Why changing to Q-Axle?

Why the Q-Axle interface is the logical evolution of taper-square to ISIS to Q-Axle. Lighter, [...]

New QU-AX MiniTool

Compact Minitool for unicyclists - with all you might need on a ride - as [...]

Limited Edition Q-Light Muni

A superlight Muni for children - with Q-Axle

New QU-AX Twin-Uni

New QU-AX Twin-Uni: Can you ride “Spaghetti”? Amazed, admiring people, smiles, questions like “What is [...]