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New Kris Holm 2023 Unicycle Line-Up with Q-Axle Boundary Hubs and Cranks

Kris Holm presents his new lineup for 2023 with a revised hub / crank combination. [...]

New QU-AX Profi 559 (26″)

A solid 26" unicycle for adults, heavy riders - or for small riders for whom [...]

QU-AX Luxus 20″ and Muni 24″ awarded “spiel gut” seal

QU-AX Luxus 20″ as well Muni 24″ got tested and is being recommended by the [...]

#rgb municycles by QX-series

QX-series #rgb custom-made Unicycles New munis in 4 colours now available custom made as you [...]

Why changing to Q-Axle?

Why the Q-Axle interface is the logical evolution of taper-square to ISIS to Q-Axle. Lighter, [...]