The QX Eleven Saddle designed by Kris Holm is based on the Kris Holm Fusion saddles – and shares the same base with them. Perfect for longdistance, as tight as necessary, as soft as possible.

QX Eleven Saddle by Kris Holm

Besides a modified shape (more narrow in the middle), this saddle features a “Double-Density-Foam” – that means it’s foam is made of two different types: a soft one on top as well as a more tight one underneath – for long term comfort – and control.

A QX-specific cover makes the Eleven an optical Highlight, too.

  • developed with Kris Holm basing on his Fusion series
  • Double Density-Foam: two different foams: one smooth on the surface and a more dense on the inside to guarantee comfort on longer distances
  • compatible with T-Bars, reinforcement plates and KH T-Bars, Reinforcement-plates sowie KH-Griffe
  • 765g

#7801 QX-series unicycle saddle Eleven