New, colorful seatpost QU-AX #octa have arrived. Now, you can also colour your QU-AX or OnlyOne standard-unicycle or municycle with a nice aluminum seatpost. It is made of 6066-T6 aluminum. At a length of 350 mm it only weighs 220g.

  • 25.4 mm seatpost – fits on OnlyOne, Luxus or Profi unicylces – but also on our steel-frame municycles
  • length: 350 mm, laser etched scale
  • 220g light
  • made of 6066-T6 aluminum
  • 3D-forged and CNCd head


2900 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, black

QU-AX #octa seatpost, black

2903 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, red

QU-AX #octa seatpost, red

2904 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, green

QU-AX #octa seatpost, green

2905 QU-AX #octa seatpost 25.4 mm, blue

QU-AX #octa seatpost, blue

QU-AX #octa unicycle seatpost

QU-AX #octa seatpost, silver