New Kris Holm 2023 Unicycle Line-Up with Q-Axle Boundary Hubs and Cranks

Kris Holm presents his new lineup for 2023 with a revised hub / crank combination. The new Boundary cranks and hubs now have the Q-Axle interface.

This allows the hub not only a weight saving of almost 33% compared to the Spirit ISIS hub, the connection axle- / crank is also permanently strong and stiff. The non-conical connection (ISIS is conical) hardly wears, is easy to assemble and has a hollow 24 mm axle.

The Kris Holm Boundary cranks have 8 mm Q-factor which is a good compromise between a slim design and ankle protection.

Also, all models are now blue again, the 36″ now comes with #rgb rim and QU-AX King George tires.

You can find the other specifications of each model by clicking on the respective product image.

Kris Holm Boundary Unicycle Hubs, Disc and NonDisc with Q-Axle Interface
Kris Holm Boundary Dual Hole Cranks 2024 with Q-Axle interface
Kris Holm Distance Unicycle 29" with Boundary Cranks and Hubs