custom QX #rgb Trials Uni 387 mm (19")
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The QX #rgb Mountain unicycles are the best we developped in 15 years of unicycle experience. Individual, light, durable and technically on the latest up-to-date. The 19" is best for Trial, Street or Flatland. Configure your own personal #rgb below!
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Rim 19" #rgb

The color of the anodized rim can be selected. Laser-etched QX-logo on the flange.

Rim 19
    • Q-Axle hub - huge 24 mm diameter steel spindle, drilled to a maximum for minimum weight, aluminum-body
    • wide #rgb rim, 19", 6061 aluminum alloy, 5 double-wall chambers, 45 mm outer width, 38,6 mm inner width, QX laser-logo on flange
QX-series #rgb frame 19"

Choose the colour of the frame here - the logo on the blades is always white, the seat tube logo is laser-etched.

QX-series #rgb frame 19
  • Extremely light & stiff muni frame for 387 mm and 406 mm ETRTO-size, 19" - perfect for Urban unicycling, Flat, Street, Trial
Seatpost #rgb

The #rgb seatpost ist also available in 4 anodized colours with laser-etched logo and scale. Choose yours here.

Seatpost #rgb
  • Light aluminum seatpost for #rgb unicycle - diameter: 31.6 mm for thin wall thickness with maximum stiffness
Seatclamp #rgb

The #rgb-seatclamp is also available in one of the four available anodized colours with laser-etched logo.

Seatclamp #rgb
  • QX-series #rgb seatclamp für #rgb frames, filligrane, light with double bolt hex-key, available in four colours
Tyre 19"

Please select the tyre of your choice. As standard the QX-series #rgb 19" comes with the 67x387 mm (19"x2.5") Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre. The optional wide OBR Gekok tyre is very popular in the trial. This makes the unicycle about 245g lighter. The Monty Pro Race is very popular in flatland.

Tyre 19
  • Very light 387 mm (19") competition tyre for trial, flat or street use.

The Cranklength is, beside the wheel diameter the gear-ratio of your unicycle.

  • Extra tough cranks for the Q-Axle system made of 7050 aluminum.
Rollmops Crank extension

Choose here wether you want the "Rollmops" crank extension

Rollmops Crank extension
  • This cap is required to position the QU-AX Q-Axle cranks correctly on the axis.
  • Light Muni pedals with exchangeable pins - huge surface - sticks on your feet like chewing-gum!
Saddle #rgb 19"

Choose between the QX flat saddle or the QX Eleven saddle

Saddle #rgb 19
  • ultraflat QX-saddlel for either Muni, Trial, Flat also much appreciated for Freestyle, smoothe underside, integrated handle to reduce overall length (e.g. for flips)
Your configuration

custom QX #rgb Trials Uni 19": #rgb stands for "red" "green" "blue" and therewith for the tailormade unicycle range from QU-AX. You can choose among many components and colours:

  • Q-Axle hub - huge 24 mm diameter steel spindle, drilled to a maximum for minimum weight, aluminum-body
  • light QU-AX Zero Q-Axle cranks, 137 mm, anodized black (choose another size if you prefer)
  • QX-series flat saddle, extra thin and firm for perfect grip
  • filligrane QX-series #rgb aluminum seatclamp with double bolt clamping, laser #rgb-logo, only 29g
  • wide #rgb rim, 19", 6061 aluminum alloy, 5 double-wall chambers, 45 mm outer width, 38,6 mm inner width, QX laser-logo on flange
  • 67×387 mm (19"x2,5") Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire, or optional OBR Gekok tyre, saving further 245g
  • light black QX-series plastic pedal, optional in white, or in black Magnesium or yellow Magnesium
  • the #rgb frames have a wide 34,9 mm steerer-tube for thin wall-thicknesses with maximum rigidity. They are made of 6061-T6 aerocraft-grade aluminum alloy. An anodized frame is lighter than a painted one, too - and finally, the threads in the frame save the weight of steel-nuts you would need otherwise. All this makes the QX #rgb frame weigh only 422g (shells 78g, screws 22g). The #rgb frame has a unicrown shape to protect your legs from any impact. #rgb Logos are lasered, the huge QX-logos are decals - definetly one of the lightest frames on the market.
  • tyre-clearance: height from axle-center to lower end of frame-crown: 265 mm, width at tire-height: 85 mm
  • #rgb 7050 aluminum seatpost with styled, wide head, huge 31,6 mm diameter for thin wall-thickness and only 216 g in 350 mm
  • weight: approx. 4,5kg (with optional Gekok tire) or 4,7 kg
  • minimum inseam size length for custom QX #rgb Muni 19": approx. 63 cm (with 137 mm cranks)

In the photo-gallery you can find detailed drawings of the frame-measurements and also photos of all parts in all available colors.
Find more informations about the Q-Axle-standard here.
Find more specs and details about #rgb-series here.
Find the assembly instructions for your unicycle here.

Axle: Q-Axle
Colour: greenblueredblack
Wheeldiameter: 387 mm (19")
Brake: no brake
Shipping weight: 6,50 Kg
Product weight: 4,70 Kg

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Assembly- and operating instructions

Assembly- and operating instructions

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