NEW unicycle: QU-AX Profi 559 (26″)

A solid 26″ unicycle for adults, heavy riders – or for small riders for whom a 24″ Muni is too heavy – and a 27,5″ Muni with wide tyre is just to high. A very versatile unicycle with sturdy components.

  • Flatcrown frame with two-piece Dropout, black
  • double-walled aluminum rim, black, 36 holes
  • Q-Axle-hub, red
  • QX multisport pedal, with plastic pins
  • wide tyre with fine road-pattern, 559-56 mm (26″ x 2,2″)
  • aluminum double bolt clamp
  • seatpost350mm, diamond-knurled, (does not twist) black, aluminum with gusset, Ø 25,4mm
  • light QU-AX Luxus saddle, with integrated handle
  • 137 mm Q-Axle aluminum cranks
  • Magura-brake-sockets
  • only 5,54 kg !
  • minimum inseam size for the unicycle QU-AX Profi 26″ BB Q-Axle black: 78,5 cm with the gusset seatpost, if you switch it to a seatpost without gusset, you can reduce the minium inseam size to around 72,5 cm
  • an offroad tyre like e.g. the Schwalbe RocketRon in 2,25″ (foto in the gallery) does also fit in the frame

Find the QU-AX Profi 559 (26″) unicycle here.

New QU-AX Profi 559 (26")

The new QU-AX Profi 559 (26″)

suitable for studded tyres, too